Trex Begins!

Construction on the I 70 corridor begins on Monday!

The long awaited TRex project begins on Monday. For those of you new to Colorado, TRex is the upgrading of the I 70 highway between Tower Road on the east side of Denver and the Mouse Trap, the conjunction of I 70 and I 25. This will include the 2-mile section of highway that goes above the housing and streets of Denver.

The ground breaking ceremony will be on May 10. Mayor Hickenlooper will be there. The Mayor said the safety of the city is his highest priority. He has fought for this construction project since the beginning. After a piece of the overpass near the coliseum collapsed and fell off in 2018, he redoubled his efforts to aquire funding for the project, often referring to the collapse as an example of the aging infrastructure needing to be replaced. People wanting to attend the ground breaking ceremony should park at the Coliseum and walk to the nearby ceremony.

Go to the TRex website to keep up to date with the upcoming closures. trex closures!

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